NM 104: Basics of Mutual Funds

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  • Struggling to learn about Mutual Funds.
  • Wanting to know how Mutual Funds exactly work.
  • Finding ways to create wealth and achieve goals via Mutual Funds.
  • Exploring the various Equity and Debt Mutual Funds option available.
  • Willing to explore different types of Mutual Funds for your needs.
  • Curious about investing in gold and real-estate via mutual funds.
  • Are 'Mutual Funds Sahi Hai' for me and how to ensure it?
  • Knowing if there is anything in Mutual Funds beyond the market risk .

Mutual Funds were made to make investing easy so that you investors don't have to worry about picking individual stocks and other assets.



Basics of Mutual Funds

Join the universe of Mutual Funds....…

After watching the Mutual funds Sahi hai advertisements across various platforms, we sure do get curious to explore it and invest our money in it. The moment you look online for what it is - there is a universe of categories, schemes, types of funds and which one should you opt for remains a question mark.

In this course, we shall teach you about what exactly is a mutual fund, various terms associated with it, and how you can invest in a mutual fund. Different types of mutual funds, factors you should consider, and the taxation of investing in them


Questions this course will answer for you

What is the growth and dividend option in Mutual Funds?

What is a liquid Mutual Fund and why do I need to invest in it?

What is Equity Mutual Fund? Is it the same as investing in Equity?

How you can replicate index returns through Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)?

What are NAV, units, Mutual Fund folio number, and account number?

What is a Debt Mutual Fund, what types of it, and how to invest in them?

Taxation of income generated from investing in Mutual Funds.

How to digitally invest in Gold & Real Estate via Mutual Funds

What will you get?

Don’t you love it when someone goes the extra mile for you?

In this course, we aim to prep you up for ACING your finances. We are going all out to give you a GREAT HEAD START! You will not only have the best finance coaches to initiate you but also the most kind, patient and non-judgmental people as trainers by your side who will provide:  

   15 hours of learning
   87 financial concepts
   33 explanation videos
   15 DIY financial planning tools
   Monthly live Q&A sessions
   Unlimited views for 1 year
   30 days refund policy

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Hear from a newbie turned DIY money manager

"The workshop helped me in understanding finances better and taught me basic things that we tend to ignore like goal setting and inflation. We work so hard for our money but take such little effort to understand or actually take care of it! It was like talking to friends rather than a formal learning set up. Really enjoyed it. As a woman I found it extremely helpful to know my financial rights and money better."

Stacy Samuel | Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi

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