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If things have made you think of money lately, you have landed on the right page! Call it the will of the circumstances, universe, energy, well-wishers or your OWN self. You were supposed to be here reading this precisely at this moment.

Money has been a pain point for you, isn’t it? Whether you possess a little or a lot of it, it’s something that constantly demands your attention and needs to be managed throughout life.

To make your life easy, Wealth Café designed a series of courses to help you do EXACTLY that. We make money simple. Whether it is your first investment or budgeting for the big fat wedding, saving for that solo trip you’ve always wanted to take or easing into a relaxed VRS, we have a strategy and course plan for every financial decision you take.

Everyone dreams of making it big in life. If you want your running money to settle down into wealth, it’s time to act on it. Take your first step in finances with us.

Wealth is not about having a lot of money; it’s about having a lot of options.



Wealth Café Financial Services Pvt Ltd (formerly 'Wealth Café Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd') is a consultancy firm that originated from the question- where do you go to understand money? In a country where financial literacy is next to non-existent and people resort to winging it when it comes to investments, we envisioned a space to make individuals financially smarter, better and confident.

We are your facilitators of right monetary knowledge and tools. With our interactive and easy to learn online & offline workshops, we make finance a rewarding responsibility for you.

Money saved is money earned.


Have you had those godsend friends who would study everything but give you just the right information needed to ace the exam?

In your life’s semester exam on money, our finance coaches are those friends!

With decades of knowledge at their fingertips coupled with tried and tested investments, they have filtered and figured out money formulae that actually work.

(P.S. They are the most patient and non-judgmental people you’ve ever had as financial trainers.)

Harsh Vardhan Dawar

A Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA®) from The CFA Institute and a Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) from GARP. Harsh is a knowledge force in finances.

With his passion to financially empower people, he has successfully trained thousands over the past decade. He can be trusted with both your money and time. You will find his workshops not only learning intensive but also peppered with interesting anecdotes and experiences. Over a cup of coffee, you will learn about his youthful days at the hostel, interesting news bytes from around the world and fun stories of his daughter’s day at school.

Akruti Agarwal Iyer

A Chartered Accountant with over 5 years of experience in the field of consulting,  Akruti Agarwal has worked with the Big Fours in the financial world. Akruti has been recognised and listed in India's Top 100 women in Finance by AIWMI. She is a money wizard.

Over the years, she has conducted various workshops for women, young millennials, couples and corporate employees. Being a people’s person, her enthusiasm, relatable content and on point references will make money management seem super breezy for you. Over a cup of coffee, you will hear about her numerous travel stories, how hard it is to master the Tamil language, and her eternal love for Bollywood dance and movies! 

No matter what stage of life or money you are at, with us, you will find a course that perfectly fits your needs.


Namaste Money

This course will equip you with basic money concepts to make you financially literate. Right from understanding what is investment, to discovering your options and creating your financial plan, we will guide you through everything you need to know.

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Honey & Money

Become a Money Powered Couple This course will empower you to handle and plan your finances as a couple. Learn how to set goals and reap investments together for a better future.

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Money & Makaan

Be financially ready to buy your dream home. Learn to compute the value of the house you can afford today and how to make a working plan for buying your dream home.

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An investment in knowledge pays the best return.




Yes, if any of these worries have crossed your mind at least once

  •   I am not making enough money.
  •   I don’t have any savings or back up.
  •   I am spending too much.
  •   I find investments scary.
  •   I can’t deal with numbers and figures.
  •   I need to find someone who will help me with my money.
  •   I feel clueless about loans, equity, mutual funds & insurances.
  •   I am too young/old to invest now.
  •   I wish I had the time to get into finances & capital.
  •   I don’t have a financial plan.

To have things in place, you must know the order first. To reach your financial goal, you must create a plan first.

Learn with us and be a DIY money manager & investor.

This is not the end, but the beginning of your financial journey.

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