What is Wealth Cafe and why are we teaching money skills to people?

Wealth Cafe was started a decade ago to bridge the gap between learning and using money. Our founders realised that when it comes to managing finances, the majority of people are winging it without any formal training in understanding how to. This gap continues to manifest even today on both personal and business ends. That is the primary motive driving our effort to teach people and organisations about managing, budgeting and investing money to create wealth.

Why did we start online courses?

Switching to the virtual world was always in the pipeline for us. The capacity to reach a broader and larger audience through online platforms was the key factor. The imposition of a lockdown during the pandemic created the perfect premise to fasten the switch. Mind you, this wasn’t as easy as it sounds. We sketched out modules, aligned them with anticipated financial needs at that stage in life, held feedback sessions, wrote afresh, installed screens and even painted our walls green for special effects! All of this, just to serve you better and make money an interesting field to venture into. So if you haven’t registered already or harbour a teeny tiny doubt, be assured that at Wealth Cafe, we take conscientious efforts (even if it involves painting our walls green) to equip you with financial literacy. We are literally your money buddies!

How are these online courses the best thing to happen to you?

No matter which juncture you stand at in life, we think that it is never too late nor too early to begin learning about money. It is that one thing dictates your life, whether you like it or not. So we are here to help you get this life skill regardless of your position as a newbie to money or a seasoned investor.

Our team has curated workshops keeping specific financial needs based on the mainstream timeline of life for an individual as opposed to learning difficulty levels. So here, you get to choose what you want to learn not on the basis of your skills but on the basis of what you need to know at that point in time. Each workshop addresses the major financial concerns with respect to your phase of life through different online modules. These modules are further split into sub-topics with interactive activities and DIY tools to help you learn better. We want to make this process easy because we care for you and we want you to look after your money. For independence and self-reliance is a distant dream if you don’t have your finances covered.

Where can you start?

  If you are absolutely new to money and want to test waters, we recommend Namaste Money

  If you have plans to add a +1 to your life, we recommend Honey and Money (COMING SOON)

  If you intend to start a family soon or wish to secure your child’s future, we recommend Honey, Money and Kids. (COMING SOON)

  If you want to live a leisurely post work life, we recommend Retirement Money. (COMING SOON)

If you have any specific short-term goals or objectives that you think require personalised and professional guidance, feel free to write to us at iplan@wealthcafe.in Hold our hand and we will show you around the golden world of finance!

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